Saint Andrew the Apostle Parish, Drexel Hill PA

Saint Andrews in Drexel Hill is now the new home to an Allen Custom Q-370 organ. This wonderful three-manual instrument sports 58-stops and was built in a special oak finish to contrast the Church’s furniture. Complete with a full Swell Antiphonal and Allen’s Vista Navigator, this organ fills this music-friendly worship space every week under the capable direction of Mr. Jerry Troy.  Over recent years St. Andrew’s was faced with the ever-increasing burden of maintaining their old Moller organ. After many years of faithful service  Msgr. Albin J. Grous and committee members decided to replace their instrument with this Allen Organ. Most organists recognize the value of a reputable organ. A point often overlooked is how the lifespan of an Allen organ is similar to that of a quality pipe organ – an important consideration in an increasingly high-tech world filled with throw-away electronic organs.

Part of this instrument’s appeal is that the pipe ranks were sampled from some of the world’s most notable organs. Seven discrete and independently voiceable organ suites represent the sounds of world-renown organ builders such as Herman L. Schlicker, Cavaillé-Coll, “Father” Henry Willis, amongst others.